Meet Marla

Throughout Marla’s twenty years of experience in individual, family, career and university counselling, she has worked at several of the most renowned preparatory schools in Canada.

Marla PinslerHer time at Havergal College, St. Clement’s School & Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School (ECS), helped Marla to gain the invaluable experience and knowledge required to help your son or daughter navigate the rough waters of the college application process with ease, responsibility and control. As a personal and family counsellor Marla has helped hundreds of individuals deal with psychological and social-emotional issues such as: generalized and testing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loss and bereavement, friendship issues and divorce.

Her commitment to the well-being of adolescents and families coupled with her knowledge of the Canadian, British, and U.S university systems makes her the ideal choice to help you navigate the rough waters of the college admission process towards the calmer seas of numerous school acceptances and your ultimate final choice.