A Road Map to Success

Road Map to SuccessYou are about to begin one of the most important and exciting processes of your young lives. Getting into the college of your choice can be a difficult process with a daunting learning curve.

Choosing the right school for you and getting into that school can make the difference between a happy and productive college experience and a disappointing one. I can help guide you every step of the way through this complicated process and maximize your chances of success!

Preliminary Student Assessment: I start with a thorough review of the student’s academic & extracurricular record. Based on this initial meeting we formulate a plan to maximize the student’s strengths and a timeline for the admissions process is created to ensure all deadlines are completed ahead of time.

The List: The best-fit college list is one where the schools meet the personal and career objectives of the student. Mutually agreed upon criteria helps to narrow down this list including; interest, financial viability, as well as likelihood of admission based on factors such as legacy, yield stats, test scores and grades.


Insight Into the Admission Process. Guidance In College Selection.
Targeted Resume and Activities Sheets. Essay Development.
Application Completion and Submission.

Every student receives a free 20-minute consultation and then our work together begins. I offer hourly rate appointments or choose from a variety of packages depending on your academic exploration & application needs.


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