Summer, College Search & the High School Student

summer college searchFor a high school student summer = lazy days, pool, sunny weather, FREE TIME and NO SCHOOL! And when I say no school, I mean no thoughts of school, no open books, no research, no computer except for trolling through Facebook and any website related to anything else but their academic life.

For a parent of a pre-college high school student summer = research, lists, plans, free time to THINK about college & talk about college, begin essays, study for the SAT or ACT and that the only thing to do on a computer is a university web site search, and… and… and…

essay writing processThe real answer is a combination of the two views of summer. Students need to recharge their batteries, spend SOME time lounging around or getting together with friends. But with senior privileges in high school come more rigorous courses and responsibilities and before you know it autumn is around the corner and if you haven’t worked on drafts of your essays or began your college search then mid term time will be even more chaotic then it already is.

So, here are 5 things that a high school student can do to help make the fall a little smoother as you begin your intense senior year:

  1. Start narrowing down choices
  2. Search for scholarships
  3. Think about the college essay
  4. How about a campus tour?
  5. Get to know a local college admission rep –they are underutilized in the summer and can be a wealth of knowledge, insights and advice.

Enjoy the sunshine, searching & the longer summer days!


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