Throughout my time in high school, Ms. Pinsler was more than my guidance counsellor, she served as an invaluable mentor.

Ms. Pinsler not only meticulously edited my university applications and ensured the applications reflected my best self, but also Ms. Pinsler counseled me through personal matters and taught me how to cope with stress.

Even after graduating high school, the stress management, study, and organization strategies I learnt from Ms. Pinsler continue to enable me to excel.

Maddy W., Toronto, Ontario (Student)

Marla Pinsler is a truly exceptional guidance counsellor, advisor and person.

Deciding on a university and managing the subsequent challenges that come with making that decision is often associated with being a difficult and stressful experience. That being said, I strongly believe that my own experience applying for and selecting a university was an unbelievably gratifying process and allowed me to learn a great deal about myself as a student. This is all owed to the outstanding support, guidance, and care given to me by Marla.

Throughout my high school career, Marla was my number one support system and she has continued to play an important role in my life. My biggest flaw is that I often fail to believe in myself.

It truly was Marla’s belief in me that enabled me to see my capacity and potential to achieve amazing things. I had dreamed of attending McGill University for nearly all of my high school years, yet I never had the confidence to see it as a genuine possibility in my future. Not only did Marla give me the confidence and the self-assurance I was lacking, but she also made the process as smooth as possible, by keeping me organized and aware of what was necessary in order to be accepted to my desired program.

Marla dedicated countless hours of her time to ensuring that I was well prepared, aware, and organized with the necessary due dates, application forms and cut-off averages required. Marla always made herself available to her students and never failed to find a solution to any problem brought to her. I genuinely believe that the ease with which I endured university applications and the many challenges that come along with the process must be wholly accredited to Marla. I am now at McGill University and could not be more pleased with my decision.

I thank Marla any opportunity I get for guiding me in this extremely important decision, and most importantly, I thank her for always believing in me.
Sydney P, Toronto, Ontario (Student)

The special thing about Marla Pinsler is that she “gets it” and she “gets you”.

Marla Pinsler has been a special and extremely influential person in my life for the past nine years and I cannot thank her enough. Although she may have started as my high school guidance counsellor she quickly became so much more.

During the many hours I have spent in her office over the years Marla has always been there to listen, to guide and to encourage me. Her support during the trials and tribulations of high school and adolescence was unwavering, passing me the proverbial ball when it seemed no one else would and believing in me even when I did not believe in myself.

Although I am now a graduate of a Dalhousie University I cannot help but think that I would not have had the amazing university experience that I did had it not been for Marla’s guidance. During the university application process Marla was not only extremely knowledgeable and supportive but she also urged me to take advantage of all of the opportunities that presented themselves even if that meant stepping out of my comfort zone and taking risks.

In the time that I have known her, Marla has served as my mentor, my confidant, my cheerleader and my friend. It is largely because of Marla Pinsler that I am a more confident, positive, and self-assured person today, she “passed me the ball” and for that I am eternally grateful.
Anne E (Student)

Marla is approachable, kind and genuinely caring, supportive and compassionate about her students. There was never any doubt in my mind that my daughter was in the best hands possible.

Marla put the welfare of my child first and foremost, and guided her with ease through the various transitions she encountered. My daughter had the privilege of having Marla Pinsler as her Guidance Counsellor throughout her high school years, as she moved from middle school through to graduation. She is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Her approach to getting kids on the right track, and keeping them there, is both sensible and realistic, and her frequent “check-ins” ensured that any issues were dealt with swiftly, calmly and in the child’s best interest. Marla provided her with a solid foundation from which to grow and develop, and a set of strategies to help her throughout her undergraduate years and beyond.

She was so well prepared going into first year, and has excelled beyond our wildest dreams. Marla was hugely instrumental in our daughter’s success and we will forever be indebted to her.
Shawna Page, Toronto, Ontario (Parent)

Marla is knowledgeable, insightful and caring. We are truly grateful for her expertise. She was there to help our daughter choose a high school that best fit her needs.

Her advice was bang on and our daughter had a very positive high school experience. We sought Marla out again to help our daughter select her courses for grade 12 to make sure she kept all of her options open for University. Again her advice was right on. A few weeks ago, we called Marla to help our daughter chose which University and program would be most suited to her skills and needs. With Marla’s knowledge of the programs and her insight about our daughter she was able to point out some very important factors that we were unaware of, and that ultimately will be fundamental to her potential for success. We are so pleased that with Marla’s guidance, our daughter will be attending McGill University, Faculty of Management in the fall. Our gratitude to Marla for her help along the way cannot be understated and we know that she will continue to be there for our daughter as she makes the transition to University.
Robyn Linden, Toronto, Ontario (Parent)

Due to her energetic, approachable, and kind demeanor, she naturally became someone who I went to for advice and looked to as a female role model

Our personal relationship has since continued and she even gave me guidance as a young adult when changing career paths from business into medicine.

Marla has the ability to create a non-threatening environment with her approachable nature and I trust her unequivocally. She has genuine concern for the individuals she counsels and has a breadth of experience that has been instrumental throughout my high school years and beyond. Her combination of professionalism and warm personality make her a wonderful counsellor and I would never hesitate to be in touch with her if I need help making a difficult decision. I would highly recommend Marla to friends and family!
Dr. Jessica Zive B.Com, MD (student)