University Admissions

The university admissions process is really a journey of self-discovery. The process has already begun if you are working hard academically but there is so much more that goes into a college application than your marks. Canadian, American and UK admissions all have different criteria.

University CampusWhile many Canadian schools rely mostly on academic performance, American and UK universities and colleges consider grades, activities, interests, essays, recommendations and standardized testing. Prestigious colleges are not necessarily better colleges. In fact, Marla believes that great educations and wonderful experiences take place at lots of colleges – it is the fit that is most important and this fit becomes clear through the use of many different criteria.

At the heart of all sessions, Marla has a commitment to advocacy for young people within their college planning process and beyond.


Marla’s college planning goals:


  • Help you find and gain entrance into the college that fits you best.
  • Reveal the “hidden agendas” that influence college admission.
  • Close the informational gap between the rhetoric you hear from colleges and the reality.
  • Orient you to the vagaries of college ranking guides.
  • Guide you in evaluating financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
Helpful College Admission Tips
  • Be organized
  • Start Early
  • Read & Research
  • Visit Schools
  • Meet all Deadlines – a late application is a wasted application!
  • Be optimistic
  • Be realistic about choices
  • Be supportive & caring but do NOT direct your teen – let them take ownership of these applications.
  • Set limits that are important to you (financial/distance from home)
  • Check many sources
  • Visit campuses to compare and contrast
  • Keep perspective
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Have fun – this will be your son or daughter’s home for the next four years & perhaps the last time that they will live in your home!