Welcome to My New Website & Blog!

University AdmissionsI am so excited to be launching my new private practice.

After 20+ years as a school counsellor I have seen hundreds of students through the college admissions process. With ever mounting pressures facing today’s adolescents, school counsellor’s offices are being flooded by highly anxious teens that need guidance and support. With depression rates climbing to 1 in 5, mental health issues are becoming commonplace in our schools. Teens are working harder then ever to navigate the rough waters of adolescence. They feel as if they must excel academically, find their “passion” at a young age, volunteer in foreign countries, speak several languages, be involved in many co-curricular activities, all the while maintaining an ever constant presence on line through social media sites and through text messaging. I am here to help students make the right choices for their university years and beyond.

By asking questions, listening and guiding students, I will help them to secure a college list of schools that fit them best. How do you define what is your best fit? Well, keep reading my blog, and follow me @marlapinsler on Instagram & Twitter & please take a moment to like my Facebook page. I will be posting college application tips and mental health and wellness information for adolescents and families.
I am available for one on one counseling sessions and school class and parent nights. Welcome & enjoy…your best-fit college and an incredible university experience is waiting for you.


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